Werrowool-K - new ecowool on the market

Ecowool "Werrowool-K" is manufactured from recycled cardboard and has largely similar characteristics as newspaper based "Werrowool". Press on the name of the respective product to see advanced parameters.

What are the differences between the two products? 


Werrowool-K fragmentary composition is similar (6-8mm), but contains significantly more "first-round reuse" cellulose fibers.

Under the microscope: Werrowool (newspaper) fiber max. length 4mm, average 1mm and Werrowool-K (cardboard) fiber max. length 8mm, average 3mm.

As in the case of newspaper production, the pulp is recycled 6 times, the corrugated cardboard must be accompanied always by virgin pulp of approx. 30%, in order to ensure the rigidity of the packaging material. After each round of re-manufacturing, the cellulose fibers will be shortened (finally, the left is fine dust).

Installation and settlement

Longer cellulose fibers are more rigid improving the insulation persistence, meaning a smaller settlement after the installation. According to cardboard characteristics Werrowool-K weight per m3 is 5% less than the respective one of cellulose insulations manufactured out of newspapers. The difference even increases in time due to the smaller settlement of Werrowool-K.

Vibration test was executed to imitate materials settlement cycles due to changing seasons and heating periods, where the temperature and moisture level differs regularly.

After-installation settlement of "Werrowool" (produced out of newspaper)

After-installation settlement of "Werrowool-K" (produced out of cardboard)

Fire resistance

The production process of Werrowool-K includes a new technical solution to improve fire retardation. During the process salts of different fractions are used. The finer fraction of salts will be volatile during the installation and will settle onto the surface of the insulation layer improving its fire resistance. Comparative video is presented below: