Sustainable development and support for the community

Our ideas are bigger than just an insulating material. We want to contribute to social activities also outside production activity. We appreciate supporting education, culture and sport. These are exactly the fields that our team finds inspiration in.


In the field of education we focus mainly on two directions: youth work and promoting wider environmental awareness in society.

We are about to launch several projects, within which we want to organise the collection of waste paper and provide extra-curricular activities for students in cooperation with schools.

We cooperate with several institutions, in order to create more environmentally friendly solutions for collecting and recycling waste paper than so far. Thus we also hope to raise the environmental awareness of the people working in the said institutions.


It is important for us to support creativity and inspiration.

In the field of art we cooperate with young and talented installation artist and sculptor, Yevgeny Zolotko. Yevgeny has used cellulose fibre in the making of several installations receiving international recognition and we have been really glad to support him. In 2011 Yevgeny received recognition as the Köler Prize, the most prestigious awards for young artists in Estonia. You can read more about it here.


Photo: Dénes Kalev Farkas


By supporting sport, we hope to contribute to the spread of a healthy lifestyle and find inspiration for accepting new challenges.

In the season of 2011/2012, we supported Algo Kärp, a member of the Estonian ski team. We believe that his best rides on the 15 km classic distance are yet to come. His long-term goals stretch to the Sochi Olympics.

Algo Kärp